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Re-establish your credit with Car & Credit LLC

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
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Top ways to rebuild your credit in Bay City MI

What happens when your credit takes a dive right down into the mud? It certainly dampens your opportunities at receiving loans or even being accepted for another credit card. A bad credit score can permeate all areas of your life, like a poisonous mist seeping in through the cracks, spoiling your job applications, alarming the lenders, and basically ruining your life. But does it have to be that way forever? If your credit falls, is that all she wrote? Not at all. You can pick it up and carry it to new heights. Read on for some of the top ways to rebuild your credit in Bay City MI. (more…)

Bad credit? No problem. Buy your next car at Car & Credit LLC.

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016
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How to rebuild your credit in Bay City MI

Life happens. You are human. You are not perfect. Sometimes you may fall behind on payments or forget one entirely amongst the stack of bills you have. Perhaps you went on an expensive vacation and ran up your credit card until it nearly hit the credit limit. Whether it’s fair or not, these occurrences can hurt your credit score, which can then hurt your chances at getting a loan or being approved for just about anything—including upgrading your wheels. But there is a way you can re-establish yourself and regain good standing and drive a car you’ll love. Read on for information about how to rebuild your credit in Bay City MI. (more…)