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Is your car ready to be retired?

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016
car getting towed by tow truck

When should you replace your car?

You are seated in your car as it rests, and you give it a half smile, half frown. You run your hands across the steering wheel, pulling back quickly because of that one sharp part around the 10 o’clock position. You look to the passenger seat and see the characteristic Z-shaped rip that developed over the years, exposing the stuffing inside the seat. You sit back and let out an exasperated sigh. Unfortunately, you are sitting at rest inside this old car because it quit in the middle of the road and you’re waiting for a tow truck. This might be your last ride with this old jalopy, which you can’t help but love. But you know there were signs before this embarrassing situation that told you it may have been time to replace it. So, when should you replace your car? Keep reading for a few suggestions. (more…)

Let Car & Credit LLC help get your credit started

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016
blue credit card

How to establish good credit from scratch

Quite a bit has been written about how to rebuild your credit if it has taken a dive, but what if you do not have any credit at all? Everyone has to start somewhere, right? You are not born with a personal credit history. So what can you do to build the foundation for good credit? While this is not a substitute for professional advice from a financial expert, we have a few suggestions for how to establish good credit from scratch that you may find useful. (more…)