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Benefits of buying a car from a discontinued brand

The past few decades have seen the discontinuation of many iconic car brands and names. New models from companies like Pontiac and Saturn are no longer being produced. Yet, just because the names are gone, that does not mean all the cars produced by these manufacturers have suddenly disappeared. Many of these vehicles are still roaming the roads and finding their way into used dealership inventories. So what are the benefits of buying a car from a discontinued brand?

Shared Components With Other Brands

2009 Pontiac G5 redSome car shoppers may be scared away from buying a car from a discontinued brand because of the fear that parts and servicing options will be hard to find. This is not necessarily true. Most discontinued brands were already owned by larger auto manufacturers. This means that the cars shared many components and even platforms with other vehicles in the manufacturer’s lineup.

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Two great examples of this are Pontiac and Saturn. Both were brands owned by General Motors, the company that owns brands like Chevrolet and Buick. This means that these cars all shared many interchangeable components. General Motors dealerships are also able to service these vehicles as well, even if the names are no longer used.

Orphan cars should not be shunned. Many of them are high-quality vehicles that will be comfortable and capable options for used car shoppers.

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At Car & Credit LLC, we have an extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles from a variety of brands and manufacturers. This includes several brands that have been discontinued. If you would like to give an orphan car a new home, stop by and take a look at our selection. Or pay us a visit and learn more about everything we have to offer here at Car & Credit LLC.

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