When is it time to get new tires?

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How to check if you need new tires

Tires provide a very valuable service. They keep us safe on the road and provide smooth rides, helping to ensure an enjoyable driving experience. But, as is the case with all other vehicle parts, tires eventually wear out. When tires wear out, it can’t always be seen when you just get into the car to head to work. It takes a bit more effort, but not too much. The process of how to check if you need new tires is actually quite simple. Read on for a couple of the best and most common ways.

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penny being put in tireBest ways to see if you need new tires

When you are looking at your tires, you want to see if the tread is worn out. One of the most common ways to check if you need new tires is to do the old penny test. Grab a penny, perhaps one of the many that have been piling up inside your center console, and turn it so that Lincoln is upside down. Take the upside down penny and place it inside the tire tread in all of your tires. Is Lincoln’s head completely visible? If so, you need new tires.

Another way to check the tread wear on your tire is to look at the wear bars. Tires often have wear bars as sort of a bridge inside the tread gap. If the wear bars are even with the rest of the tread, then that is an indicator you need new tires.

Why it is important to have good tires

Tires do more than just make our ride smooth and comfortable. Tires are meant to help keep us safe. The tire tread helps whisk away rainwater on the ground during showers and storms, plus it helps grip the road in a number of other different conditions, from dry roads to snow storms. Maintaining your tires is essential to your safety. Keep in touch with the Car & Credit blog for more tips and tricks!

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