Should I buy a former rental car?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and tricks on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 at 12:28 pm
Should I buy a former rental car?

Many car shoppers considering a used car will notice many dealership inventories are stocked with vehicles that are former rental cars. This may make some car shoppers leery, and lead to the question: “Should I buy a former rental car?”

Benefits of buying a former rental car

Even though it may make some drivers cautions, there are several benefits to buying a former rental car. Rental companies put significant effort into maintaining the vehicles in their fleets. This means that a former rental car will have a complete service record and will have enjoyed the benefit of regular routine maintenance.

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Many rental car companies will look to sell a vehicle once it reaches a certain mileage number, regardless of the condition of the car. Most of the cars sold by rental companies are still in top condition, they have just reached the specified mileage number. The car is not being sold because of some kind of issue.

The obvious concern that comes from considering purchasing a former rental car is how the vehicle was treated by its various drivers. The best practice when considering a former rental car is to carefully inspect the car and review the maintenance history before making a decision. Purchasing your car from a dealership you can trust is also important. Proper research should be done before making any car-buying decision.

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Buying a former rental car

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