Find out why your fuel economy drops when it gets colder

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Why is my fuel economy worse in the winter?

Why is my fuel economy worse in the winter?

Anyone with a car know that fuel economy gets worse as the weather gets colder. Fuel economy can drop by as much as 30% for some vehicles as the temperature drops. This may lead to many people wondering, “Why is my fuel economy worse in the winter?”

There are several reasons why your fuel economy will drop when the weather gets colder.

How does the cold affect my engine?

The main reason behind the decrease in fuel economy as the temperature gets lower is that your car engine has to work harder to run as it normally does. In the cold, everything your engine does requires more energy.

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The cold increases the friction within in the engine as the oil and the other fluids get cold. Once the engine warms up, these problems are avoided, but fuel economy suffers while the engine is getting to this point.

You may think the best way to solve this issue is the allow the car to warm up before driving anywhere, but extended idling just wastes more fuel. This is also not ideal, because the engine is not functioning as it is designed. The best way to warm up your car is to drive it.

Running the electronic systems in your car also increases fuel consumption. This includes the heater, window defroster and heated seats.

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